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Frozen Strawberry Ouzo Granita

Sweet – but not innocent. Experience this beautiful blend of frozen strawberry, pure vodka, and imported Metaxa® ouzo, served by the carafe, glass, or a brain freeze shot.


Choose from Costas Taverna’s selection of popular cocktails tonight and enliven your evening with friends and family.

Greek Mojito

The refreshing blend of barrel-aged Metaxa® brandy, fresh mint leaves, and a splash of citrus makes it the perfect cocktail to sip on while dreaming of a Greek summer.


Energizing mix of pure vodka, orange, apple and lime with a touch of  watermelon liqueur, served in a classic martini glass.

Zeus Juice

The mightiest blend of pure vodka, smooth tequila, peach liqueur,  and Cointreau, crowned with a dash of lime and apple.

Costas® Margarita

Classic margarita with the Costas Taverna twist, enjoy a blend of smooth tequila, Cointreau, apple, and fresh lime, served in a salt-rimmed glass.

Costas® Illusion

Tropical mix of melon liqueur, Blue Curacao, coconut, and pineapple, finished with a maraschino cherry.

Athena’s Dream

Dreams are made of this delight, enjoy a blend of Baileys, Tia Maria, hazelnut syrup, and fresh cream, topped with grated chocolate flakes.

Tropical Piña Colada

Vibrant blend of silver rum, coconut liqueur, fresh cream, and pineapple, a cocktail that brings summer to any day of the year.

Blissful Baklava Martini

If you love Baklava, then try this divine blend of pure vodka, gin, amaretto, fresh cream, hazelnut, and artisan honey syrup, garnished with crushed almonds.

Classic Cosmopolitan

Experience the New York feel at Costas Taverna with this wonderful mix of grapefruit vodka, Cointreau, cranberry, lemon, and a dash of lime.


If you’re looking for an invigorating and refreshing drink that’s light on the alcohol, then Costas Taverna’s coolers will hit the spot.


Classic Greek favourite, made with Metaxa ouzo, sparkling lemonade and a hint of raspberry.


Lively blend of smooth tequila, Metaxa ouzo, cranberry, and sparkling lemonade

Mediterranean Sunset

Arouse the party atmosphere of the Greek islands with this mix of Metaxa brandy, pomegranate, and lemon, topped with sparkling lemonade.

Tequila Sunrise

With its striking resemblance to a sunrise, this mix of raspberry, orange, and smooth tequila will set your heart on fire.

The Greek Spirit

Get into the Greek spirit with this blend of Metaxa brandy, passion fruit, and a touch lemon, topped with crisp soda.

Medusa’s Glare

Beautiful blend of melon liqueur and pure vodka, topped with crisp soda, and orange. But be warned, Medusa’s glare can turn you to stone.

Island Sunrise

Invigorating mix of Metaxa ouzo, raspberry, and orange, a tasty cooler that carries the Greek island’s ambiance.


Blueberry Mojito

Refreshing blend of blueberry, fresh mint, sparkling lemonade, and a splash of fresh lime.

Hazelnut Dream

Creamy mix of fresh milk cream, silky smooth chocolate, and hazelnut sauce, sprinkled with grated chocolate flakes.

Passion In Paradise

Ignite your senses with a mix of pomegranate, passion fruit, fresh lime, and sparkling lemonade.


Finlandia Vodka
Southern Comfort
Cutty Sark Scotch Whiskey
Hayman’s Gin
Bombay Sapphire Gin
Early Times Bourbon
Mt Gay Rum Silver
Metaxa® Brandy 5 Star
St Remy Brandy
El Jimador Tequila
Coruba Rum
Bacardi Rum


Tia Maria
Sambuca Isolabella

Premium Selection
Mt Gay Rum Gold
Metaxa Brandy 7 Star
Johnnie Walker Red
Woodford Reserve
Jack Daniels No.7
Johnnie Walker Black
Skinos Mastiha

Barros Tawny Port


Tap Beer
Speight’s Gold Medal Ale 420mL
Steinlager Classic 420mL

Isaacs Apple Cider
Isaacs Pear Cider

Greek Beer
Blue Mak
Nissos Bohemian Pilsner

Bottle Beer
Stella Artois
Steinlager Mid
Steinlager Pure

Craft Beer
Mac’s Black 330mL
Mac’s Gold 330mL
Mac’s Sassy Red 330mL
Mac’s Great White 330mL
Mac’s Green Beret IPA 330mL
Mac’s Hop Rocker 330mL


Eros Sambuca

Fruit Juices

Mac’s Green Apple
Mac’s Feijoa and Pear 330mL
Mac’s Lemon Crush 330mL

Soft Drinks

Diet Coke
Lemonade (Sprite)
Diet Lemonade (Diet Sprite)
L & P
Schweppes Tonic Water
Schweppes Soda Water
Ginger Ale
Fentiman’s Ginger Beer 275mL
Lemon, Lime, and Bitters

Greek Coffee

Traditional Greek Coffee

Exceptional coffee beans roasted and ground to bring a rich and flavourful brew, served the traditional way in a mini Greek cup.

Greek Island Frappe

For all those coffee lovers dreaming of sipping an iced frappe on the sunny Greek islands.

Classic Coffee

Flat White
Short Black
Long Black
Hot Chocolate
Liqueur Coffee
Iced Coffee
Iced Chocolate
Chai Latte – Spiced or Vanilla

Tea Blends

Apple, Pear, and Lemon
Berry Peach Crumble
Earl Grey Special
Egyptian Chamomile
Feng Shui Green Tea
Ginger Kawakawa Spice
Jade Green Sencha
Pineapple Mango Star
Special Breakfast Blend
Traditional Peppermint

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