The Story

In 1904 in a small village near the bank meadows of the river Evros, Greece, our family developed a passion for cooking. Not with the advanced cooking methods used today. But it was honest. It was the best food the Village Kiani had ever tasted.

Today we use new cooking methods. But our integrity and value for quality stay true. Our principles are four generations old and our vision remains unaltered. We still prepare food without regard to expense, according to the finest methods we know.

We make quality imperative. We send our experts locally and around the world to meet fine merchants of herbs, olive oil, and spices. We use garden fresh vegetables, prepared with precision by skilled hands.

We use free-range eggs and fresh creams. We use pure Angus beef, raised on the pastoral perfect Canterbury plains, naturally marbled and aged no less than 21 days.

Master chefs cook our family recipes from scratch. Preparations begin early in the morning and continue throughout service. This attention to detail ensures flavour consistency with every dish. Not a single meal goes through to a guest without first being checked and approved by the head chef himself. We discard any meal that does not meet our highest standard.

Dine elsewhere and you may get a nice meal. Dine at Costas Taverna and you are guaranteed a legendary meal with the passion of a hundred years.

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