The Experience

As you know, drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But the Costas Taverna experience takes you much further than just that.

We also bring you a warm and toasty ambience, pleasant background sounds, extraordinary service, and a passion for perfection we built over many years through small, but consistent improvements.

The result?

A delightful and happy place to bring friends and family together and make magical memories any day of the week.

Finest Quality

We built our business on the tradition of honest and fresh food grown in our backyard or purchased from fine local merchants.

Although it’s difficult to grow our own produce these days, we searched far and wide to find suppliers who trade in harmony with our vision and values. So to stay true to our history of traditional food products, we selected suppliers with the utmost care.

This particular approach took us hundreds of hours of research and sometimes thousands of kilometres of travel. But our valued guests can taste the difference. They can see the results of our adventures in search of the most remarkable culinary merchants.

And we don’t stop there. We go to suppliers factories. We talk with company owners and their representatives. We go through this process because it ensures the principles and standards behind our partners and suppliers match our own high standards.

Warm Ambiance

We designed Costas Taverna with relaxed and comfortable dining in mind. One of Christchurch’s most celebrated architects arranged the lights, sounds, smells, and textures to augment the atmosphere and embody the beauty of friendship, happiness, and the joyful spirit of our guests.

Costas Taverna transports you to a night in the Mediterranean. As you take a seat at your table, the starry night sky twinkles overhead; the textured walls evoke the enchanting island architecture; and the delicate shades of blue, red, and white resembles the moonlight, casting its nostalgic charm over the mediterranean sea.

We made a tremendous effort to give you a unique dining experience. One that brings you joy and happiness, so you can relax and celebrate a delightful evening with friends and family.

Enlivening Music

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart. And since the right music almost always sets the right mood, we spent months curating the perfect playlists for you.

The songs we chose enliven the atmosphere. They stimulate our guests and arouse intimacy and meaningful conversation. We love it when our guests forget about the outside world and enjoy the company of those they appreciate the most in life.

And because music helps us do that, and we realise the importance of it in the process of taking care of our valued guests, we made sure we got it right from the beginning.

Extraordinary Service

Our guests expect friendly and knowledgeable service with a smile. We set this as our gold standard. And in the process we developed an intensive, multi-week training program for every member of our team.

We teach staff the practical and theoretical side of restaurant service. We show them how to satisfy guests needs and requirements, how to display proper etiquette, and how to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.

We cover, in great depth and detail, the most comprehensive list of factors which influence the happiness of your experience at Costas Taverna. So you leave us fully satisfied from the beginning of your night to the end.

Time-Tested Dishes

It took generations to perfect our recipes. We spent thousands of hours on every menu item to make it perfect for you. And the vibrant flavours you taste with every bite stretch back to our roots in mainland Greece.

In keeping with the traditions of the Mediterranean diet, we included many delicious and nutritious ingredients, such as heart-healthy olive oil, fresh herbs and spices, and full flavoured garden vegetables.

Men and woman around the world celebrate Mediterranean fare for its contribution to good health, the immune system, longevity, and living the good life – and now you can, too.

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