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Garlic Pita Bread v

Experience the unforgettable combination of toasted village pita bread filled with creamy garlic and herb butter 12.5

Village Pita Bread v

Begin your evening with a basket of toasted pita bread, served with a savoury selection of homemade spreads 14.9 with Gluten Free Pita bread 19.5

Grande Meze Platter

Bursting with intense flavours and alluring aromas, this delightful feast combines the finest entrées at Costas® on a classic wooden platter 59.9

Flaming Saganaki gf v

Feel the heat of wild flames, as your server pours barrel-aged Metaxa® brandy over imported Greek cheese and immediately flambées it before your eyes 14.9


Grandma’s Cheese Pastries v

Just like Grandma used to make, enjoy three triangular pockets of flaky filo pastry filled with four types of scrumptious melted cheese, served with traditional tzatziki 14.9

Spanakopita Of Kiani v

Homestyle baked filo pastry stuffed with melted feta cheese, steam-softened spinach leaves, fresh garden herbs and sautéed onions, served with traditional tzatziki 14.9

Dreaming Of Dolmades gf v

Sticky Arborio rice and fine herbs, hand rolled in steam-softened grape vine leaves and dressed in extra virgin olive ‘n lemon oil, served with traditional tzatziki 14.9

Mediterranean Lamb Meatballs

Oven baked marinated lamb meatballs served with a rich tomato, onion, and red wine sauce, topped with grated Greek kefalograviera cheese served with toasted pita bread 16.9 with Gluten Free pita 19.4

Homestyle Mussels With Lemon Mayo

Ten plump half-shell mussels stuffed with an aromatic, dill-scented blend of red onion, crushed garlic, and Greek kefalograviera cheese, baked fresh in the oven and served with creamy lemon mayo 16.9

Drunken Tiger Prawns

Exotic flavours make each bite more satisfying than the last, delight in plump tiger prawns served with piquant tomato, fresh garlic, and Metaxa® brandy sauce, topped with crumbled feta cheese and served with toasted pita bread 19.9 with Gluten Free pita 21.9

Costas® Calamari

Homestyle calamari lovingly hand crumbed with Costas® secret family recipe, topped with imported Greek oregano flakes and cooked moments before serving with made-in-house sundried tomato ‘n herb mayo and tzatziki 18.9

Souvlaki Platters

Traditional or Grande option served with toasted village pita bread, fresh garden salad, hummus, sweet tomato sauce, roast capsicum mayo, tzatziki, and your choice of herb ‘n spice rice pilaf, rosemary ‘n oregano potatoes, or golden fries. Change to Gluten Free Pita add 4

Barbecued Greek Beef Patties

Thick ‘n juicy Canterbury Angus beef patties marinated with Costas® traditional herb ‘n spice blend and barbecued for a full flavoured finish 28.5 / 34

Golden Falafel Veggie Delight v

Classic blend of puréed chickpeas and authentic herbs and spices, flash fried to make it crispy on the outside and moist on the inside 27.5 / 32.5

Canterbury Lamb

Export quality lamb leg marinated with traditional herbs ‘n spices and cooked to tender perfection 31 / 37.5

Evros ‘Sun-Kissed’ Chicken Fillet

Loaded with flavour, enjoy 100% chicken tenderloin marinated with Costas® classic family blend of fresh herbs and aromatic spices, chargrilled for a bold ‘n smoky flavour and delivered to your table searing hot 28.5 / 34

Traditional Mains

The Fisherman’s Catch gf

Fresh-off-the-boat fish of the day lightly pan-fried and served with fire roasted Mediterranean vegetables and garlic ‘n olive oil crushed potatoes, finished with a rich roasted lemon cream sauce 34

Village Style Kleftiko gf

Masterpiece of slow cooked Canterbury lamb, Mediterranean vegetables, and thick cut agria potatoes, oven baked in Costas® secret herb sauce and topped with crumbled feta cheese, served the 200-year-old traditional way in a Greek clay pot 36.5

Spanakopita Of Kiani Mainv

Aromas of freshly baked pastry evoke memories from the mainland’s of Village Kiani, experience flaky layers of filo pastry filled with melted feta cheese, steam softened spinach leaves, fresh herbs, and sautéed onions, served with made-in-house tzatziki, golden fries and village style Greek salad 28.5/32

Costas Calamari Main

Homestyle calamari lovingly hand crumbed with Costas secret family recipe, topped with imported Greek oregano flakes. Served with traditional tzatziki, made-in-house sundried tomato ‘n herb mayo, golden fries and village style Greek salad 32

Lamb Salata gf

Canterbury lamb leg served with fire roasted Mediterranean vegetables, roasted pumpkin, kumara, mesclun, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinaigrette, finished with crumbled feta cheese and toasted sunflower seeds 29.9

Salata Costas

Chunks of chargrilled chicken tenderloin and streaky bacon tossed through fine salad, free range egg, Greek kefalograviera cheese and pita croutons, mixed with sundried tomato, green olive ‘n herb dressing 28.5

Mamma’s Moussaka

Made with love, enjoy thick layers of herb crusted agria potato, fresh eggplant, and rich lamb mince, topped with creamy béchamel and sprinkled with imported kefalograviera cheese, served with a side of Greek salad 32

Fresco Lemonato Chicken gf df

Begins with succulent 100% chargrilled chicken tenderloin, enlivened with Costas® zesty lemon herb sauce, and served on a bed of baby spinach ‘n jasmine rice and fire roasted Mediterranean vegetables 28.5 / 34

Off The Grill

Mountain Tea Smoked Pork Cutlets gf df

Tender pork cutlets smoked with Greek mountain tea and Manuka woodchips, chargrilled and glazed with red wine syrup, served with fire roasted Mediterranean vegetables on a bed of garlic ‘n olive oil crushed potatoes, topped with sweet chunky fruit chutney 30.9/38.9

Hercules Brizola (300g) gf

Aged Angus ribeye marinated with Costas® family recipe and chargrilled for a stunning bold flavour, served with fire roasted Mediterranean vegetables and baked rosemary ‘n garlic agria potatoes, topped with rich red pepper ‘n white wine cream sauce 44.9

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